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This got me started. God help me. When religion is mixed with culture by the hands of the ignorant, a bastardized version of religion is born. This quote on quote religion is a misrepresentation that is obviously misinterpreted that then results in the religious cardio arrest that the world is witnessing with all Faiths as […]

Update: The Anti Shari’ah bill (HB-419) in the State of Idaho is officially DEAD, Alhamdulillah!! This is a victory for Justice, for the constitution, and for every American that lives in this Country to uphold the right to believe practice, and worship without being forced to do otherwise. It is due time we collectively defeated […]

Share with someone in need by reaching in and reaching out. In Florida, 1 our of 4 kids lived in poverty in 2013. The 2013 data was the last year the Casey study could examine. Florida was ranked 37th in the country in overall “child well-being,” which measured indicators such as education, economics, and health. […]

Allah made you to be Different For too long, Muslims felt a need to blend in. Time after time we failed in doing so. In light of the current hatred pointed towards Muslims – The question needs to be asked, do we continue to blend in or accept standing out? Is it a crime to be different? 

The Faith of a Muslim is a balance between fear and hope. Humanity feels hopeful in good times and smooth sails – fears loss and destruction in turbulent times. But, a Muslim, always thinks differently from the norm. The history of our Prophet (AS) highlights how hope in a time of no hope and fear at the […]

Stand together. How do you stack up? It’s time to put all differences aside and awaken to the truth around you. As a guest speak at the Pompano Beach mosque, a simple analogy makes clear as water the worldwide state of distant voices between brothers and sisters in Islam and the bond between all people of Adam. […]