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Stand together. How do you stack up? It’s time to put all differences aside and awaken to the truth around you. As a guest speak at the Pompano Beach mosque, a simple analogy makes clear as water the worldwide state of distant voices between brothers and sisters in Islam and the bond between all people of Adam. […]

Life of the Five Prophets Part 5:  Muhammad A.S This final segment of our series closes with none other than Habeeb Muhammad Mustafa SAW. 13 lessons are extracted, not from his commands or Sunnah, but from his Demeanor and determination. Listen now… Bismillah (In the name of God) Imam Azhar (Shaikh AlMashriq) (Review our list of all Lectures: Here)

Life of the Five Prophets Part 3: Musa A.S Musa A.S – better known as KaleemAllah – A prophet whose name paints pages in chapters throughout the volumes of the Quran. So many incidents in his life bring forth lessons that we can latch on to and build our lives therefrom today. Listen now… Bismillah (In the name […]

Strip Culture From Religion P.5 Celebration at the Finish line As we near the finish line yet once again, the excitement of the celebration can mute out the reason for celebrating in the first place. It is imperative we comprehend our position, the opportunity at hand, and the time remaining, in order to cross the finish-line in style. This is my […]

Strip Culture From Religion P.4 Burden of Your Sins are Yours (NOT ALLAH’s) What is sin? What can help you see a vivid picture of it? As we near the close of this- middle Ashara of Ramadan- our goal is to realize, remorse, Rectify; a sign of acceptance of our Tawbah.Distant yourself from evils so that Allah will replace […]

Strip Culture From Religion P.3 Does Hunger Indicate Fasting? As we transit from the first Ashara to the second we confront two important points: Is Fasting all about enduring hunger? Is it a channel for something greater? Lastly, what is a sign of my success in the Ashara I am departing from that is vital for success in the one I […]

Strip Culture From Religion P.2 The Three Segments of Ramadan The global community has acknowledged the arrival of Ramadan and Muslims universally are taken in by its spirit.Muslims change their ways and practices, in respect to accommodating the gift of Ramadan in their lives, and a hidden secret is told: The three segments of Ramadan. Why these three and what […]

Allah is the Greatest What is Atheism? – Discussion Conclusion An advisement for those turning from their Master, Creator and Provider – let’s learn who it is that we are turning away from first. In the closing arguments today, my goal is to pin point not only the power and reliability of one over the other, […]

Allah is the Greatest What is Atheism?   Allah; among many things, is – AL AWWAL, THE FIRST and AL AKHIR, THE LAST. Two of his attributes mainly questioned by this ideology.   AL AWWAL by means of questioning his mere existence, and AL AKHIR by way of questioning his control and care for his […]

Who is Allah Belief and Knowing   With Religion losing its platform in the world today, Faith is being routed to other sources in the name of Atheism; a cancer to all Religions.   The greatest contributor to today’s problem is the lack of reminder. We don’t remind, because we feel it is self-explanatory and […]