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When a practice like Hajj had first been ordained – the Prophets took action; based on the foundations of many first time experiences, wholeheartedly with full concentration (not a redo, retry, or re-shoot). Taking action through instinctive faith drove them to do what they did. This must have great effects on the one who takes […]

The greatest achievement from Hajj; A goal with which a true Haji sets off in perusal of is: 1) Purification 2) Acceptance The best way to combine these all into one example, which will tell the entire story is Through that of a companion, who learnt it all from the prophet himself, and displayed it […]

So the Aashura is now officially behind us. The 10th of Muharram for the year 1435 has passed. In it we learnt about the blessings of its fast, we had the opportunity; so we fasted. In it we were instructed to feed; we heard the virtues that inspired us to feed; so we feasted together. What remains […]

It is apparent that the ummah will be divided during the season of hajj – physically – yet spiritually we have a chance to be closer than ever. By tallying the points based on opportunity, a “non Haji” has more opportunity to gain; putting a “Haji” in this scenario – behind. Point to be learnt: […]

No doubt Hajj is greatly focused upon spirituality; yet the level of spiritual importance does not in any way cast shadow on the gains achievable for this body. For one to deplete the physical health for spiritual potency is inconceivable. Vice versa -likewise: Can’t gain one whilst jeopardizing the other when both are vital for your stability […]

Today I intend to break down the significance of some of the prescribed acts of Hajj. Not for the purpose of explaining “why we need to do it”, rather “what we gain from doing it”. By carrying out these duties accurately, for the complete duration prescribed; we will come to know how effective they truly […]

From the time an individual affirms an intention to proceed to Allah for Hajj, he/she becomes: A Pilgrim- (in process). What does one reap in return for ones efforts and sacrifices for intending, enduring, completing and returning from such a sacred Journey? For the Host is none other than Allah, who is the “Generous of […]

We know now that both -The Ka’bah & Makkah- existed from the beginning of time. Yet when it is mentioned, credit is directed to one who came much after that time. The first to erect it, the first to inhabit it; moreover: The Hajj. All founded by, accredited to, and established almost in its entirety based on […]