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Lunar Calendar  Celebrate the significant Islamic new year. For those who might have missed it, we entered a new lunar year cycle 2 nights ago. The 1437th year from the completion of the Migration symbolizes a great decision in history which bore immediate fruits of promise and stabilization, after much hardship endured and instability. Without celebrations […]

Strip Culture From Religion P.4 Burden of Your Sins are Yours (NOT ALLAH’s) What is sin? What can help you see a vivid picture of it? As we near the close of this- middle Ashara of Ramadan- our goal is to realize, remorse, Rectify; a sign of acceptance of our Tawbah.Distant yourself from evils so that Allah will replace […]

Are Years Enough? Planning, executing and measuring one’s life.   As the world once again ushered in the New Year in a grandeur style, the global community welcomed the new and saw off the old. 2015 came in and 2014 went out.   The trend in society today is an ever so dominating one; one which sets […]

Christmas Fables; minds of our Young Ones.   With Christmas a few days away, in addition to the glitter and glamour of decorations and ornaments outdoors, to the hustle and bustle indoors; tales and stories are read, sung, and watched in this season.   Fables that we consider FUN for young ones.   My goal today […]

Giving thanks. Its importance in Islam.   114.7 million Households across the nation are potential gathering places for people to celebrate the upcoming holiday, where they are likely to cook some of the 254 million turkeys being raised in the United States for the occasion, and serve the 7 Billion plus pounds of it to […]

Knowing how he does it… will protect you from The Walking Dead.   As the Muslim world prepares to usher in the new year in a couple of hours from now – 1436 of Hijri – the world at large is busy preparing for another New Year come a week from now.   All Hallows […]

This is the blessed month of Ramadan; the month of Allah’s blessings. The first of its three segments is special for his Mercy. But, Truth be told; Mercy if void in our world today. Where is it all going wrong? Who is to blame for its absence? Listen and find out..

“Mother’s day” is right around the corner; have you thought of what your getting her? Or are you from the 18% of people who think up something last minute?   Here today we’ll learn what Mom’s truly want and how simple it is, and how meaningful it is to her. Listen and learn…

With less than two weeks to go till the day itself, we are certainly reaching the climax of the current festivities; wherein the bells are jingling, people are singing, and lights in the neighborhood streets are flickering. Question arises: that for a Muslim living in the west, what is wrong with observing -through imitation if […]