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Source: With the new moon of Sha’ban just around the corner, there’s just over a month before Ramadan arrives. I want to talk about how we can plan from now to make this one the most epic Ramadan we’ve ever experienced. This isn’t just a dream; it is an ambition. No, it isn’t a fantasy; […]

Does it have yogurt…or not? 06/26/16 I.Azhar Subedar Florida is truly a unique place. Attracting over 60+ million tourists and visitors every year; what’s so captivating? Cities like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa are where Trends are born, dreams come true, and life is both Work and Play. It’s often only when the unexpected happens, we […]

Share with someone in need by reaching in and reaching out. In Florida, 1 our of 4 kids lived in poverty in 2013. The 2013 data was the last year the Casey study could examine. Florida was ranked 37th in the country in overall “child well-being,” which measured indicators such as education, economics, and health. […]