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Life of the Five Prophets Part 4:  Isa A.S Sayyidina Isa A.S- the spirit breathed by Allah (RuuhAllah)- is the fourth Prophet in discussion in our series. Another one whose Name is mentioned in the Quran frequently. A Messenger whose story is not yet complete. Grand lessons of faith can be extracted from it. Listen now… Bismillah (In […]

What is Good Friday? With Good Friday around the corner, it is imperative that we savor the moment and learn what does Friday mean to a Muslim in addition to the entire humanity. Once we learn the great blessings and honor of the King of the week (Friday), we address a key point: What is Good Friday? And […]

With less than two weeks to go till the day itself, we are certainly reaching the climax of the current festivities; wherein the bells are jingling, people are singing, and lights in the neighborhood streets are flickering. Question arises: that for a Muslim living in the west, what is wrong with observing -through imitation if […]

In Islam, through the words of Allah and that of his Prophet, we are also informed of similar signs and occurrences to transpire before the arrival of Jesus (P.H). What role will his decent to this earth play in confronting the problems of that time, and what bounties will humanity be blessed with through his […]

If there is one thing that all abrahamic faiths can agree upon; it is that someone will come near the end of times. Who will he be, why will he come; and what are the indicators symbolizing the closeness on his approach? Firstly, we will analyze this from the biblical perspective.

Since we believe that Jesus did not die on the cross, and the plot for his crucifixion was foiled; then where did Jesus go, and why? Another important question is: what then happened to the one who tried to turn him in in exchange for a reward? Did he collect his compensation in an honorable […]

The story of the cross depicts the image of torture, humility, and punishment. This event till this day is regarded by Christians as redemption, whilst our research surfaces the contrary. Again, from the bible we can affirm this occurrence was the result of the curse from Jesus, not happening to Jesus.

Whatever we understand to be the reasons which divides Muslims from Christians regarding the position of Jesus (P.H) may not actually be so; once one compares the true position from both texts. And to reinforce the true position, we find similarities between the teachings of Jesus (P.H) and all other prophets.