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Original Source:   By Roxanne Brown / Sandy Conn Arnold had an epiphany earlier this year about how to help bring healing to the country, starting in Lake County, by way of an interfaith organization. It came after she witnessed prejudice against Muslims after the Unity Church of Leesburg — the church she […]

Allah made you to be Different For too long, Muslims felt a need to blend in. Time after time we failed in doing so. In light of the current hatred pointed towards Muslims – The question needs to be asked, do we continue to blend in or accept standing out? Is it a crime to be different? 

The Faith of a Muslim is a balance between fear and hope. Humanity feels hopeful in good times and smooth sails – fears loss and destruction in turbulent times. But, a Muslim, always thinks differently from the norm. The history of our Prophet (AS) highlights how hope in a time of no hope and fear at the […]

Stand together. How do you stack up? It’s time to put all differences aside and awaken to the truth around you. As a guest speak at the Pompano Beach mosque, a simple analogy makes clear as water the worldwide state of distant voices between brothers and sisters in Islam and the bond between all people of Adam. […]

After 8 years at Port Charlotte, Masjid Nur   This is Imams last khutbah at the community he served for 8 years Alhamdulillah, Masjid Nur of Port Charlotte Florida. As Imam moves on to greater endeavors he leaves behind words of advice and admonishment to you, his congregation. Bonus (video): Enlightened Path Conference  A Story of […]

Striving for cooperation and good through history   In light of the current events once again, we are suggesting taking the matter back to the drawing board. For our continuous inaction has resulted in adverse reaction from the masses. Know that integration is vital for our continuity a plan well thought out and executed by our Beloved Habeeb […]

Mosques  Fact: The population of Muslims in America continues to grow steadily and the Masajid in the USA have doubled in a span of 12 years. But with the accessibility to online lectures, classes, programs, and webinars that can enrich one with information on Islam, and even teach the kids Quran via Skype from across the […]

So, today is Halloween… People are planing how to spend this evening. Before you finalize your plans and step out tonight, regardless if it is for trick or treating or partying; Listen and reflect upon this.

Understanding Extremism Peace not violence.  For as long as time has documented the existence of human kind both religion and rule of law were around. In one form or another, through different shapes and forms; extremism and radicalism have managed to seep in them enough to make its presence known. We point these elements out […]