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Original link: Emilio Carlesimo meets with members of the local Islamic community after a speaker denounced the religion at a 9/11 memorial service. After a speaker denounced Muslims at a 9/11 memorial service in Venice this year, City Council member Emilio Carlesimo said he agreed with the sentiments that Muslims were unapologetic for terrorism and […]

Original Sources:, We’re trying to bring you some silver lining stories this week. We told you about the awesome speech Utah Republican Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox made at a vigil in Salt Lake City for the Orlando victims. We told you about all amazing people all over the world pouring out their love, their […]

Original Source:   By Roxanne Brown / Sandy Conn Arnold had an epiphany earlier this year about how to help bring healing to the country, starting in Lake County, by way of an interfaith organization. It came after she witnessed prejudice against Muslims after the Unity Church of Leesburg — the church she […]