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Strip Culture From Religion P.5 Celebration at the Finish line As we near the finish line yet once again, the excitement of the celebration can mute out the reason for celebrating in the first place. It is imperative we comprehend our position, the opportunity at hand, and the time remaining, in order to cross the finish-line in style. This is my […]

Strip Culture From Religion P.4 Burden of Your Sins are Yours (NOT ALLAH’s) What is sin? What can help you see a vivid picture of it? As we near the close of this- middle Ashara of Ramadan- our goal is to realize, remorse, Rectify; a sign of acceptance of our Tawbah.Distant yourself from evils so that Allah will replace […]

Strip Culture From Religion P.3 Does Hunger Indicate Fasting? As we transit from the first Ashara to the second we confront two important points: Is Fasting all about enduring hunger? Is it a channel for something greater? Lastly, what is a sign of my success in the Ashara I am departing from that is vital for success in the one I […]

Strip Culture From Religion P.2 The Three Segments of Ramadan The global community has acknowledged the arrival of Ramadan and Muslims universally are taken in by its spirit.Muslims change their ways and practices, in respect to accommodating the gift of Ramadan in their lives, and a hidden secret is told: The three segments of Ramadan. Why these three and what […]

Ramadan: Fasting Culture and Religion For far too long culture has dominated practices of our faith leaving out the true essence of it. As Ramadan approaches this “Strip Culture From Religion” series will allow us to see each item with due reverence and acceptance. Is Ramadan for fasting and is it exclusive to Ramadan? Listen […]

Ascend Hope The Month of Rajab   It is the seventh month, a sacred month, a revered month, and acknowledged by Allah himself: the month of Rajab.   The consideration of Men towards it however, towards his creation, towards Allah himself in it, displays the total opposite of what the sane path should be.   […]

As we eye the finish line with sore feet, exhausted limbs, shrunken abdomens, aching heads, and much more; it is in vain to look back at what has been achieved or endured unless and until the whole course is completed. Only then one can boast of one’s success via Eid. For no one remembers the […]

Don’t hold back Take Action. Here we are – at the front door of our Master – and with us remains only 10 more days of this blessed month. In order to benefit from these final days and nights, we need a concrete plan. This plan consists of do’s, don’ts, and making a stride and go […]

The current tides of the time calls for a firm, deep, and complete evaluation of our current state as a people of one world, one nation; one ummah. Can we categorize ourselves as progressive people? Well, that all depends on which way the scale tips come the signs apparent in our world today. Listen and […]