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Strip Culture From Religion P.4 Burden of Your Sins are Yours (NOT ALLAH’s) What is sin? What can help you see a vivid picture of it?  As we near the close of this- middle Ashara of Ramadan- our goal is to realize, remorse, Rectify; a sign of acceptance of our Tawbah. Distant yourself from evils so that Allah […]

Society’s Acceptance Consider Your Value In the midst of all the chaos and confusion constantly unfolding, Muslims felt inundated because of it all. Yet despite our declining state, we still feel the need to have a value, to be heard, to be respected and accepted despite all the negativity; as all people of any kind want. This is a good thing. However, what […]

As Islamic Hatred Grows… Who’s leading the trends? With the execution of three great Muslim, American, Humanitarians, examples and role models this week; It is imperative that the Muslim community unite, come to a consensus;  understanding that this isn’t a one off random incident. Rather, this is a trend picking up momentum with the passing […]

Unity in Difficult Times. Why are we lacking unity? As Islam continues to hit headlines globally, it pushes Muslims more into a corner making it evermore so difficult to even wiggle out of it. Questions then arise as to why We are so despised? and What is our Crime? No doubt answers to this predicament […]

Islam – Faith What would Muhammad do?   Once again, Islam – as a faith – and Muslims – as its followers – have been targeted for the crimes of a few.   In addition to it, free speech was questioned by those who felt the need to avenge the Prophet and his honor as […]