As a scholar, I felt hurt to see that we can rarely find such scholars whose vision is to tackle all matters of faith of this modern age with people of all different walks of life; and from the various age/gender categories. I finally determined, that instead of merely contemplating and suggesting to different communities and Imams what should be done; In life it is my obligation to assist in any and every way possible, so that the deen of Allah is understood, not just followed.

He is the First Muslim to give the opening prayer at the Florida State Capitol, Florida Senate, and he has been in various other faith-related engagements, most recently:

Bernie Sanders Campaign Commercial – New York

He gave the opening prayer at the House of Representatives – Tallahassee, Florida

Born in Canada, he grew up and attended school in Ontario. In his early teens, by means of the prayers of his righteous parents, decided to focus his Life towards serving Islam.

Beginning his studies at an Islamic School in Arabi Louisiana, he later traveled to England in 1994 and completed the remainder 7 of a 10-year course in attaining an Islamic Scholarship.

Among the many subjects studied, were:

  • Arabic Etymology
  • Grammatical Syntax, Phonetics
  • History and Arabic Philology
  • Semantics, Calligraphy
  • Oration lessons, Logic
  • Jurisprudence and Law, Philosophy, Principles of Jurisprudence
  • Commentary Literature and Hadith
  • Exegesis & Hadith
  • Intensive exposition of Jurisprudence, Rhetorical studies, Hadith & Aqidah literature (Sihaa e Sitta)
  • Critical Analysis of language & law, Laws of Inheritance
  • Chronology, Urdu language & grammar
  • and more Alhamdulillah

In November 2000, Imam Azhar graduated from the Institute of Islamic Education with the degree: M.A. in Shariah of Islam with Ijazah in Hadeeth & Certified Qari & Muqri (Teacher) of Tajweed, Al-Qiraâaat As-Sabâah & Al-Asharah.

From 2002 to 2015, Imam Azhar Subedar served the Muslim community of Southwest Florida as the Imam, Khateeb, Teacher and Religious consultant.

He continues to this day as a religious adviser to the Florida Department of Education for over a decade.

He was also a Member of White House Faith Base and Community Initiatives.

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