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Striving for cooperation and good through history   In light of the current events once again, we are suggesting taking the matter back to the drawing board. For our continuous inaction has resulted in adverse reaction from the masses. Know that integration is vital for our continuity a plan well thought out and executed by our Beloved Habeeb […]

A Higher Stance On the Throne of Allah Think about this: How can anyone, single-handed or collectively, bring down a person whose name is written where no one can ever reach? The person is Prophet Muhammad A.S, whose name is written on the throne of Allah, beside his glorious name. But challengers wont cease trying, for […]

Knowing how he does it… will protect you from The Walking Dead.   As the Muslim world prepares to usher in the new year in a couple of hours from now – 1436 of Hijri – the world at large is busy preparing for another New Year come a week from now.   All Hallows […]

Anyone who learns them… Enters Junnah (Paradise) With about 85 odd days to go till the advent of Ramadan, Question arises: What can I do in this interval to make this upcoming Holy month more meaningful? I have a thought: In order for one to gain from Allah – as the month itself is about […]

The greatest honor ever Granted to anyone was that which Allah granted to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to choose between living and returning to Allah. No doubt this is a special gift exclusive to him due to many reasons we need not numerate. But the question we address in this segment: What (if any) barriers did prophet remove […]

Death of the Noble Ones. There is a possibility that things can change over time, but Death is the one thing that never changes. From its manner, approach, and execution of the task itself: Always the same. For death never discriminates between rich and poor, young or old, sex and race, piety or impiety. The Question […]