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Strip Culture From Religion P.5 Celebration at the Finish line As we near the finish line yet once again, the excitement of the celebration can mute out the reason for celebrating in the first place. It is imperative we comprehend our position, the opportunity at hand, and the time remaining, in order to cross the finish-line in style. This is my […]

Ramadan: Fasting Culture and Religion For far too long culture has dominated practices of our faith leaving out the true essence of it. As Ramadan approaches this “Strip Culture From Religion” series will allow us to see each item with due reverence and acceptance. Is Ramadan for fasting and is it exclusive to Ramadan? Listen […]

In order to get to the Essence of Ramadan, we need to move beyond culture and rituals. Sins are something we only pause in reverence of the blessed month, failing to cease on them completely. How can we understand the severity of Sins, and move to discarding them forever? Understand the two fold impact of […]