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Stand together. How do you stack up? It’s time to put all differences aside and awaken to the truth around you. As a guest speak at the Pompano Beach mosque, a simple analogy makes clear as water the worldwide state of distant voices between brothers and sisters in Islam and the bond between all people of Adam. […]

After 8 years at Port Charlotte, Masjid Nur   This is Imams last khutbah at the community he served for 8 years Alhamdulillah, Masjid Nur of Port Charlotte Florida. As Imam moves on to greater endeavors he leaves behind words of advice and admonishment to you, his congregation. Bonus (video): Enlightened Path Conference  A Story of […]

Understanding Extremism Peace not violence.  For as long as time has documented the existence of human kind both religion and rule of law were around. In one form or another, through different shapes and forms; extremism and radicalism have managed to seep in them enough to make its presence known. We point these elements out […]

Life of the Five Prophets Part 2: Nabi Ibrahim A.S Continuing our series in search of life lessons we can take home and adopt today, the life of Nabi Ibrahim A.S offers many lessons. -Bismillah (In the name of God) Imam Azhar (Shaikh AlMashriq) (Review our list of all Lectures: Here)

Life of the Five Prophets Nuh A.S Beginning with Prophet Nuh A.S and his 950 year struggle, we embark on our five part series covering each of the Arch-Prophets. Through the Quran, we learn that there are five Arch-Prophets whose lives are a lesson for the entire humanity.   Unfortunately though, many today take these stories as tales that can increase our […]

Allah is the Greatest What is Atheism? – Discussion Conclusion An advisement for those turning from their Master, Creator and Provider – let’s learn who it is that we are turning away from first. In the closing arguments today, my goal is to pin point not only the power and reliability of one over the other, […]

A Storm to Weather Stand together Imam Azhar Subedar, illustrates a very important message. Briefly summarizing 5 key points below – which we may call responsibilities of all mankind – head over to the video link below to get the historical references and passages which will strengthen their meaning.   1.    In the face of […]

Allah is the Greatest What is Atheism?   Allah; among many things, is – AL AWWAL, THE FIRST and AL AKHIR, THE LAST. Two of his attributes mainly questioned by this ideology.   AL AWWAL by means of questioning his mere existence, and AL AKHIR by way of questioning his control and care for his […]

As Islamic Hatred Grows… Who’s leading the trends?   With the execution of three great Muslim, American, Humanitarians, examples and role models this week; It is imperative that the Muslim community unite, come to a consensus;  understanding that this isn’t a one off random incident. Rather, this is a trend picking up momentum with the […]

Yours Answered Before Mine? PRAYERS Everyone knows that prayer holds power, as everyone knows that they are heard and responded to. This isn’t a mere consensus of people from a certain sect or culture; rather this is the belief and Aqeeda of All Muslims. We likewise acknowledge, to a great extent; that some people’s prayers […]