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Strip Culture From Religion P.2 The Three Segments of Ramadan The global community has acknowledged the arrival of Ramadan and Muslims universally are taken in by its spirit.Muslims change their ways and practices, in respect to accommodating the gift of Ramadan in their lives, and a hidden secret is told: The three segments of Ramadan. Why these three and what […]

Ascend Hope The Month of Rajab   It is the seventh month, a sacred month, a revered month, and acknowledged by Allah himself: the month of Rajab.   The consideration of Men towards it however, towards his creation, towards Allah himself in it, displays the total opposite of what the sane path should be.   […]

Are you doing well? Alhamdulillah The most common asked question in cultures across the spectrum of time and people, upon giving the greeting or receiving it is – How Are You? The answer of which most certainly reflects well-being and satisfaction, regardless of the factual state internally. Islam has taught us words and phrases, the meanings […]