The following is my personal assessment.

I’ve witnessed for way too long now how many organizations and leaders have taken a REACTIVE approach rather than a PROACTIVE one in all affairs plaguing our societies, communities, our nation, and our world.

To the best of my recollection, the purpose of their presence or establishment was to take the lead and help move people from the current state to a better one. In a nutshell, become PREVENTATIVE beyond proactive.
Sadly, it was realized quite early that doing so wasn’t a profitable approach. Hence, working off the back of tragedies and the emotional state of people inflicted with fresh trauma, it proved to be a successful method of building one’s credibility and gaining profit as people galvanized around them in a dire state, seeking a solution.

Hence the result is now in front of us.

You will seldom find a single person willing to lead humanity out of this crater of darkness, but you will certainly find many who found a window, rather a corridor to put us in deeper.
The agenda of putting salt on wounds is the path of those leading today. Those with band-aids are a dime a dozen.

May God forgive me and us all. For we have failed and we have failed tremendously.

Oh. I forgot. What’s the solution, they ask?
I’ll tell you.
1. Stop the lip service. We are really tired of it.
2. Apologize to all those you failed. (The entire world.)
3. Work (through Action) and prove your leadership by demonstrating those solutions you fantasize about, for talk is cheap.
4. I don’t want to hear of a single fundraiser. Ever. No more. You’re acting like a spoiled rotten child that says “I promise, i’ll be good.” And then turns around and asks for $50. If you are doing what is needed and what is right, God will send the money.
5. Regain the trust of those who oppose you and those who hate you. For your failure was a big part of why trumpsters and their like are succeeding and will continue to. For their leadership is action based and sadly, yours isn’t.


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