This got me started. God help me.

When religion is mixed with culture by the hands of the ignorant, a bastardized version of religion is born. This quote on quote religion is a misrepresentation that is obviously misinterpreted that then results in the religious cardio arrest that the world is witnessing with all Faiths as Muslims are here in America.

I knew this was happening all along and I was screaming at the top of my lungs that someone would listen to me. Maybe some scholar, a mosque, a congregation, anyone.
But no, no one had time for this, because we had to make sure that mosques were built, we were so occupied in making sure speakers were brought in to entertain our community, and we were so self-absorbed by our selfish agendas that we will now see its result, and that too, before we die.

I have so much to say and I’m trying to hold my fingers back and ask Allah for forgiveness, but truth has to be spoken, not concealed.

I want to call on all those representatives of Islam and those responsible bodies of Mosque’s and institutions: Allah is waiting for you. 23% of your future is gone. 33% doesn’t want to come, attend, or engage; and the remainder remains idle, hoping for a miracle.

Allah made it clear in his book, that he will NOT change the condition of a people until and unless they change themselves.
I have 0 respect for those that are too arrogant to accept they’re doing something wrong and are stubborn to remain an obstacle in the path towards correction and change.

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