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As Islamic Hatred Grows… Who’s leading the trends?   With the execution of three great Muslim, American, Humanitarians, examples and role models this week; It is imperative that the Muslim community unite, come to a consensus;  understanding that this isn’t a one off random incident. Rather, this is a trend picking up momentum with the […]

Yours Answered Before Mine? PRAYERS Everyone knows that prayer holds power, as everyone knows that they are heard and responded to. This isn’t a mere consensus of people from a certain sect or culture; rather this is the belief and Aqeeda of All Muslims. We likewise acknowledge, to a great extent; that some people’s prayers […]

From the Question: “Which Madhab do you follow” to “Which sect of Islam are you affiliated with- (Sunni or Shiite)? Coming from Muslims to their brethren, comes a new Question from the Outsiders -(those who hate Islam or those ignorant of it)- as to the type of Islam you and I follow today. If you […]

Unity in Difficult Times. Why are we lacking unity? As Islam continues to hit headlines globally, it pushes Muslims more into a corner making it evermore so difficult to even wiggle out of it. Questions then arise as to why We are so despised? and What is our Crime? No doubt answers to this predicament […]

Islam – Faith What would Muhammad do?   Once again, Islam – as a faith – and Muslims – as its followers – have been targeted for the crimes of a few.   In addition to it, free speech was questioned by those who felt the need to avenge the Prophet and his honor as […]

Are Years Enough? Planning, executing and measuring one’s life.   As the world once again ushered in the New Year in a grandeur style, the global community welcomed the new and saw off the old. 2015 came in and 2014 went out.   The trend in society today is an ever so dominating one; one which sets […]

The Birth Muhammad (SAW)   In three days from now, the Muslim world will recall a birth in Arabia which opened the doors of Miracles for the world to witness.   It is the Birth of Muhammad (SAW). People till this day cry for him out of sincere love and admiration for him.   My […]

Christmas Fables; minds of our Young Ones.   With Christmas a few days away, in addition to the glitter and glamour of decorations and ornaments outdoors, to the hustle and bustle indoors; tales and stories are read, sung, and watched in this season.   Fables that we consider FUN for young ones.   My goal today […]

Diets Prescribed in Islam.   Among the many crises in our world today, there is one in particular that Americans (especially) are fixated upon. It is a personal one; one that has allowed men to take drastic measures in addressing it which have gone far beyond the simplistic solutions that Islam had provided that -if […]

#Ferguson A Nation of People.   With #Ferguson highlighting airwaves across the globe, the problem is not a remote one. Racism is the straw that WILL break us as a Nation, as a people. Islam has laid out some solid rules to prevent this from even existing in any given society. For through it, we […]