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Ramadan is coming, that’s a given; But it’s a guest, Just like any guest. More precisely, it is a month; a month the liking of any other month. What then is so important or significant of it or attached alongside it that it has Muslims world round so anxious for it? Maybe this question exposes […]

The 16th letter in the alphabet is: TAA. Which here in our series stands for Ta’ah (obedience). To whom? Allah, his Messenger, the Authoritarians. The fact that this essential item is missing in the general masses leads me to ask: What use is there for advice when no one’s willing to take it? What benefit is there for knowledge […]

Upon completing the exterior of our project we shift our focus on the interior. With the middle letter as our focus, SAAD stands here for SILATUR RAHIM-Maintaining family ties. If this point is viewed from a much larger perspective, you will realize this includes all of humanity; for we all are linked to a common root. Hence, keeping good […]

Through the following three letters in our series: KHAA, DAAL, DZAAL; light is shed upon KHAIYR (goodness), becoming a DALEEL (a guide), and engrossing ourselves in the ZIKR (remembrance) of Allah.  Goodness is the umbrella shading all the positive traits for humanity, a covering which we can attain through directing others to it; and then utilizing […]

The sixth letter in the Arabic alphabet is HAA which here in our series stands for HILM: Forbearance. A quality which is vital to adopt especially when one faces this month of fasting during long days accompanied by HARD WORK, in the open HEAT, in the state of HUNGER, which with the of lack of HYDRATION creates the perfect […]

With time remaining for the arrival of Ramadan being limited, and the process remaining to complete our structure in time: extensive; one surly then needs motivation and a final push to ensure one gets to the finish line in due time. Through acknowledging our next two blocks in this series, this will surly give one […]

With the countdown hitting the 60 day mark, coinciding with the dawning of the sacred month of Rajab; we are picking up the pace to complete our preparation for Ramadan in due time. With the letter TAA as the next in line of this series, we combine three intertwined essential qualities beginning with this letter. […]

Continuing in the Arabic- alphabetical order in our series of preparing oneself for the advent of Ramadan; we move along to the next letter: BAA which here stands for: BIRR. (Righteousness). Birr is what makes deeds more meaningful, eliminates rigidness from laws, and above all, beautifies and highlights the accomplishment of rewards. Like the silver […]

Believe it or not, we have approximately 80 days from today before the advent of the holiest month of the year: Ramadan. It may seem at a distance, but reality is that it is closing in faster than we believe. How do I anticipate to utilize these 30 days of Ramadan? If we plan from […]