Update: The Anti Shari’ah bill (HB-419) in the State of Idaho is officially DEAD, Alhamdulillah!! This is a victory for Justice, for the constitution, and for every American that lives in this Country to uphold the right to believe practice, and worship without being forced to do otherwise.
It is due time we collectively defeated hate, misinformation, fearmongering and phobias- once and for all. I am honored to do my little part in educating the fine people of Boise on “What is Shari’ah” and removing the fear that was spreading in that beautiful State.
The Shariah of a Muslim commands its followers to abide by the Law of the Land, so there was no contradiction or threat to the constitution, to begin with. We all want the same thing in this Country and I am confident we all can accomplish it together through love and understanding, not hate and ignorance.

Just came to know: the following group tried to get what they wanted through spreading Hate and inciting Fear. After 15 years, they have accepted defeat. This will In-sha-Allah be the fate of everyone that is determined to rip us all apart.

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