It is amazing the thoughts we think and the assumptions we make, through which we perceive and live the life that we do.

Where our minds are set on hardship, we tone ourselves for it.

Similarly, where we feel ease to be present – we stroll along in life casually – needing no guard or gear.

This is in Life.

When it comes to religion, we know therein lies Struggle, Hardship, and Difficulty; conditions one has to address and pass in order to succeed. So the mindset is prepped, the guard and gears are on stand-by, and we proceed forth.

Once we get in (i.e. we achieve access to the deeds of faith) we feel one of the perks to be “an open road” with no hindrance, surprises, negativity – all should be ease and gains… Is that so?

Listen and find out our game plan for what lies ahead.


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