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The root of every living creation is the lifeline of it. The lifeline of each human is none other than ones mother. Unfortunately we are living in times wherein shunning ones mother and father is a common practice. Their significance, and consequences of disregarding them can be learnt in this segment.         […]

When any topic in society brings forth the matter of “Women”, it till this day is considered a sensitive matter. And when Islam is brought into the equation, it becomes ever more so controversial.  For Islam is considered by many as a path which came and stripped women from all their rights and humanity. Is […]

As the staggering figures from this nation (CDC etc) and abroad (UN etc) continue to report a rise on domestic violence, I feel it would be a matter of grave concern if we still ignore this matter and not address it. Similarly, for Muslims to feel that they and their communities are immune from such […]

Every direction you look, you will see people. People who are preoccupied – hustling bustling in the pursuit of something. Although the purpose of each persons engagement differs from the other, yet the goal of all is one and the same: The opportunity to live a good life. In the religion of Islam, is this […]