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In order to get to the Essence of Ramadan, we need to move beyond culture and rituals. Sins are something we only pause in reverence of the blessed month, failing to cease on them completely. How can we understand the severity of Sins, and move to discarding them forever? Understand the two fold impact of […]

The countdown to Ramadan has begun. Ramadan preparation Courses and classes, sessions, seminars and Webinars are in fifth gear.People are scrambling in fulfilling the priorities they hold individually for this blessed month. My goal here is to focus -not on the rules or virtues, do’s and don’ts- but upon the essence of it All. Part […]

The ascension of… In less than ten days from now, the Muslim world will recognize an event that placed Islam and its prophet on an entirely new level; a level on its own. This event is full of amazing happenings. Many firsts; never to be duplicated or repeated again. This event is widely believed to […]

“Mother’s day” is right around the corner; have you thought of what your getting her? Or are you from the 18% of people who think up something last minute?   Here today we’ll learn what Mom’s truly want and how simple it is, and how meaningful it is to her. Listen and learn…

With 90 million chocolate bunnies and 16 billion jelly beans produced for this Easter weekend – Christianity’s most important holiday – I ask a simple Question to All: Was Jesus put to death only to return 3 days afterwards? Let us find the answer from the Bible itself… (Play or Download below)

What is Good Friday? With Good Friday around the corner, it is imperative that we savor the moment and learn what does Friday mean to a Muslim in addition to the entire humanity. Once we learn the great blessings and honor of the King of the week (Friday), we address a key point: What is Good Friday? And […]

In today’s long – but necessary – segment, we counter the hate rhetoric continuing to rise here in our Country against the Muslim code of life: The Shariah. With Representatives in various states – Florida included – pushing to ban “Religious laws in certain cases”, I think it is imperative the we (Muslims) in addition […]

Difficulties don’t befall us solely so that Allah can make a path out for us from it; Rather Difficulties are an opportunity to seek out a solution from within yourself – with the Assistance and doing of Allah – so that you may continue elevating your ranks and gain closeness to him. A puzzle in […]

Who are the Saints? – Saint Patrick’s Day? Who are we and what do you recognize? As Muslims we recognize at a very basic level in our beliefs that there is no God but Allah – none is his partner. In such an influential society, where consumerism and various Holiday’s often suade our purchases and […]