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Giving thanks. Its importance in Islam.   114.7 million Households across the nation are potential gathering places for people to celebrate the upcoming holiday, where they are likely to cook some of the 254 million turkeys being raised in the United States for the occasion, and serve the 7 Billion plus pounds of it to […]

Islam-o-phobia Muslims often receive petulant, detesting, malicious reactions Islamophobia is no longer questioned – even by our elected representatives or enforcers of law. Regardless if you are white, brown or black, a he or she, young or old- once you are distinguished- either by name, practice, or appearance as a Muslim- majority will confront you with […]

Putting all the religious and rational rulings aside; one would assume, just assume, that there may be instances in life wherein one may forgo a custom or ritual, to honor and respect a tradition.   But, how unfortunate is it today, that customs overtake traditions.   The fact that we are in the holy month of […]

Knowing how he does it… will protect you from The Walking Dead.   As the Muslim world prepares to usher in the new year in a couple of hours from now – 1436 of Hijri – the world at large is busy preparing for another New Year come a week from now.   All Hallows […]

As far as we may advance tomorrow from the current day, we will still be in pursuit of the same goals we had yesterday. With the ease of access to an array of social media sites in today’s advanced world of technology, the goal of one and all is the same: FRIENDS. Having friends, making […]

When a practice like Hajj had first been ordained – the Prophets took action; based on the foundations of many first time experiences, wholeheartedly with full concentration (not a redo, retry, or re-shoot). Taking action through instinctive faith drove them to do what they did. This must have great effects on the one who takes […]

The greatest achievement from Hajj; A goal with which a true Haji sets off in perusal of is: 1) Purification 2) Acceptance The best way to combine these all into one example, which will tell the entire story is Through that of a companion, who learnt it all from the prophet himself, and displayed it […]

The greater accomplishment through the discourses of Islam was to delete the current way, and upgrade to an entirely new mindset.   One wherein superiority, minority, color creed class were no longer criterion based on which man made decisions, chose acquaintances, selected a neighborhood, hired a worker, or connected to his master alongside with”… ((Listen to the […]

As a Muslim, our faith in Allah, our reverence of his commands, our desire for his connection- is the driving force behind making one and all of his commands possible to fulfill, endure, and accomplish. This is our Allah, this is his direction; to which is our total- submission. But what made this acknowledgement for us […]

The current tides of the time calls for a firm, deep, and complete evaluation of our current state as a people of one world, one nation; one ummah. Can we categorize ourselves as progressive people? Well, that all depends on which way the scale tips come the signs apparent in our world today. Listen and […]