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This is the blessed month of Ramadan; the month of Allah’s blessings. The first of its three segments is special for his Mercy. But, Truth be told; Mercy if void in our world today. Where is it all going wrong? Who is to blame for its absence? Listen and find out..

In order to get to the Essence of Ramadan, we need to move beyond culture and rituals. Sins are something we only pause in reverence of the blessed month, failing to cease on them completely. How can we understand the severity of Sins, and move to discarding them forever? Understand the two fold impact of […]

The countdown to Ramadan has begun. Ramadan preparation Courses and classes, sessions, seminars and Webinars are in fifth gear.People are scrambling in fulfilling the priorities they hold individually for this blessed month. My goal here is to focus -not on the rules or virtues, do’s and don’ts- but upon the essence of it All. Part […]

Never in the history of Islam have Muslims celebrated the departure of Ramadan. In realism, the Eid Celebration marks the accomplishment of deeds performed in Ramadan- moving forward with it towards the remainder of our life. Although one may not be able to perform deeds in the same caliber as one did in Ramadan, yet […]

Once again, we witness this holy and blessed month reach its final bend as it heads out of our door. As it departs from our midst and our presence, we need to take a few moments and reflect as to what this departure should mean to the both of us. Freedom is what Allah desires […]

Knowing that Ramadan is divided into three segments (vise: Mercy, forgiveness, and emancipation from hell) question then is why these three specifically and these three alone? What is the connection between them? What is the link tying them in a correlated flow bringing forth the big picture? Let us find out…    

If Ramadan were a basketball game, then we’re deep into in the second quarter. If it were a hockey game, we’re in intermission and the second period will begin tonight; if it were a baseball game, then we’re moving to the top of the forth. In all instances and in each given scenario; every player, […]

What is the status of fasting in a Humans lifestyle both spiritually and physically? How can we comprehend fasting in itself aside from it constantly being affiliated with Ramadan alone? A very important question and equally important opportunity to dive in and extract the complete details of it. Here in this segment, we tackle all […]