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The greatest achievement from Hajj; A goal with which a true Haji sets off in perusal of is: 1) Purification 2) Acceptance The best way to combine these all into one example, which will tell the entire story is Through that of a companion, who learnt it all from the prophet himself, and displayed it […]

The Quran is a solution for the entire humanity – of all ages, in all eras; for all categories of problems that currently exist. It is your super mega tool box. This is the belief of each and every Follower. Whilst shining light on four unique stories related in the Quran, we will derive vital […]

Don’t hold back Take Action. Here we are – at the front door of our Master – and with us¬†remains only 10 more days of this blessed month. In order to benefit from these final days and nights, we need a concrete plan. This plan consists of do’s, don’ts, and making a stride and go […]

Success and Salvation… AKHLAQ is our key to success and salvation. ANGER is crushed with KINDNESS (action), HATE is leveled through LOVE (expression), and ATTITUDE is the apparel of one lacking QUALITIES (demeanor). It is imperative we all abandon AHA: ANGER, HATE, and ATTITUDE; and embrace KLQ: KINDNESS, LOVE and QUALITIES. Why? Find out…

Anyone who learns them… Enters Junnah (Paradise) With about 85 odd days to go till the advent of Ramadan, Question arises: What can I do in this interval to make this upcoming Holy month more meaningful? I have a thought: In order for one to gain from Allah – as the month itself is about […]