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Wants and Needs… Needs are granted by Allah. Everyone on this earth is moved by “need” and “want”. It is an urge that moves young and old across the spectrum.   Some needs we feel are in our power to obtain, some we acknowledge are beyond our reach. Regardless what it may be, we all […]

As Islamic Hatred Grows… Who’s leading the trends?   With the execution of three great Muslim, American, Humanitarians, examples and role models this week; It is imperative that the Muslim community unite, come to a consensus;  understanding that this isn’t a one off random incident. Rather, this is a trend picking up momentum with the […]

Are Years Enough? Planning, executing and measuring one’s life.   As the world once again ushered in the New Year in a grandeur style, the global community welcomed the new and saw off the old. 2015 came in and 2014 went out.   The trend in society today is an ever so dominating one; one which sets […]